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Get to know Sirpa

I'm a photographer and visual artist. 

Let's make you a star, because you are the star of your life. With magnificent photos and good mood we will make a beautiful photo story. I have noticed that photos can make you feel good for a long time. Even strengthen your body image. That's amazing!

My background as an art director and photographer gives the passion and drive for seeing photo stories, colors and moments in life. I want the photos to tell a story. One shot is one cropping of this life – something is chosen between the frames, something is left out. Either one can be more powerful. The reason is interesting.

I've studied photography in Madrid, Kouvola, Porvoo and Kälviä.

I'm also an interior designer. What kind of a mood are you after? Colour is a strong creator of feeling and a carefully chosen photo print can set the right kind of mood to a living space. I want to change mood of your home and office!

My thoughts on interior design and renovation: https://katseenisisustaa.wordpress.com

I'm currently based in Helsinki, Finland. 

Ask for a photoshoot or interior design: sirpa@superstar.im

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